The mission of KPhA is to advocate and advance the pharmacy profession to improve the health of Kentuckians.

Policy & Position Statements

Telepharmacy Position Statement 

KPhA supports the use of telepharmacy technology to provide patient access to the services of a pharmacist when the use of such technology benefits the patient and community. KPhA supports the use of telepharmacy technology when limited to suitable functions of pharmacy operations and patient care that improve patient outcomes, expand access to healthcare, and enhance patient safety when direct on-site pharmacist oversight is unachievable.

Regarding remote dispensing as a specific activity accomplished through the use of telepharmacy technology, KPhA supports the following limitations when the act of dispensing is completed by a certified pharmacy technician under remote supervision of a pharmacist, and not under immediate supervision as defined in KRS 315.010.

Geographical restrictions: A remote dispensing site shall not be authorized if a community retail pharmacy is located within 20 miles of the proposed remote dispensing site.                                                            

Supply and Demand: Prior to authorizing the license of a remote dispensing site, the Board of Pharmacy shall consider the availability of pharmacists, the population of the community and the community’s need for the service. A remote dispensing pharmacy may fill a maximum of 125 prescriptions per day over one year average.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Qualifications: A remote dispensing site shall be staffed with a certified pharmacy technician with at least 2000 hours of community or dispensing pharmacy technician experience in Kentucky after having acquired certification.

Supervision limitations: A pharmacist performing remote supervision shall not supervise more than one (1) remote dispensing site and a “home pharmacy” or affiliated parent company shall not own more than one (1) remote site.

KPhA Policy Position on Medical Marijuana (Updated 11.2.18)

KPhA neither endorses nor opposes legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly related to the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Rather, KPhA has adopted the following policy position. KPhA supports regulatory changes to facilitate clinical research related to the clinical efficacy and safety associated with the use of cannabis and its various components.  Also, KPhA will support pharmacist participation in furnishing cannabis and its various components for medical purposes, to include reviewing a patient’s complete medication regimen, pursuant to an order from a state approved qualified and licensed provider if and when, federal, state, or territory laws or regulations permit them to do so. KPhA supports oversight of dispensaries by the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy and advocates cannabis furnishing activities transpire within a licensed dispensary, not a licensed pharmacy. KPhA opposes pharmacist involvement in furnishing cannabis and its various components for recreational use.