The mission of KPhA is to advocate and advance the pharmacy profession to improve the health of Kentuckians.

Message from the President

Welcome to OUR Kentucky Pharmacists Association!
I’M BACK!!! Yes, I am excited to be returning after a bit of a hiatus to the role of President of OUR Kentucky Pharmacists Association. I am Joel Thornbury, Pharmacist! I am honored and thankful to be a pharmacist and proud too! I am a 3rd generation pharmacist, born in a small rural town in southwest Virginia. My mother, Patricia H. Thornbury, was from Lexington, and that is where my pharmacy heritage begins. My grandfather, John Hutchinson, became a pharmacist around the turn of the 20th century by apprenticeship, and my mother, uncle, and many cousins followed in his footsteps via today’s traditional educational method. My grandfather and uncle owned and operated Hutchinson Drug in downtown Lexington for many years, which only cemented my understanding of how early pharmacists and the public they serviced interacted.

We were chemists and problem-solvers back in those days. However, as society and life evolved and modernized, so has the profession of pharmacy into the magnificent profession it is today. I believe it is one of the most valuable professions, and often most misunderstood, in today’s society. The working knowledge needed to be able to work in the multitudes of practice sites is mind-boggling. Congrats to you and keep pushing the envelope!

The Kentucky Pharmacists Association is here to act as a refuge to all! We attempt to stay ahead of today’s practice and political curves through direct interaction with educational institutions, political representatives, and, of course, YOU (The most crucial part of the equation)! I am grateful to be able to represent you, our members, and hopefully, future members as the year progresses. The Association is busy with  committee work on some of today’s hot-topic issues as well as topics that may arise in the future. I hope this personal invite will encourage you to become more involved in the Association and thus the process that helps shape our profession. You may very well come to find that it is not only eye-opening but rewarding as well. OUR KPhA is for everyone! Just as those early pharmacists needed their community and the community needed them, we need you to help better the communities in which you live and work. Thank you again for your trust and support. I will do everything I possibly can to help the Association continue to thrive.
Joel C. Thornbury, RPh.