Kentucky Naloxone Copay Program

IMPORTANT UPDATE: OTC Narcan is included in the copay program starting on
September 29, 2023. Also, max copay 
coverage has been lowered to $45

Through federal funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE) supports the implementation of evidence-based prevention, treatment and recovery supports to effect change at the state, community, family and individual levels. KORE-funded partners and services model policies and practices grounded in best practice and compassion.

Through an ongoing partnership with the Kentucky Pharmacy Education and Research Foundation (KPERF), KORE has worked to increase access to naloxone across the commonwealth via community training events and through local health departments, pharmacies, non-profits and other agencies involved in harm reduction and recovery advocacy. 

The Naloxone Copay Program is the newest effort to continue to lower barriers to accessing naloxone in communities across the state. This program is 100% funded through a SAMHSA Grant H79TI083283.

Who Is Eligible?

Who Is Eligible?

All Kentucky residents that are either un-insured or have private pay insurance.

Can The Copay Program Be Used With Medicaid, Medicare Or Other Government-Funded Insurance?

No.  Kentucky Medicaid covers some naloxone products at no charge to the patient, so this program should not be needed for patients enrolled in Medicaid.  Medicare and other govern-ment-funded programs prohibit the use of programs such as this in conjunction with federally funded insurance.

What Products Are Covered By The Copay Program? 

Most FDA-approved naloxone products used for the reversal of opioid over-dose are included. Covered naloxone products intended for bystander use include:


Qty per pack


Narcan Nasal Spray
4 mg and generics
2 nasal sprays 69547-0353-02
Kloxxado 8 mg 2 nasal sprays 59467-0679-01
Zimhi 5 mg 1 pre-filled syringe 38739-0600-01
2 pre-filled syringes 38739-0600-02

Other products may be added as they become available.


How Much Does The Kentucky Naloxone Copay Program Pay For Naloxone Prescriptions?

How Much Does The Kentucky Naloxone Copay Program Pay For Naloxone Prescriptions?

The maximum benefit is $45 per naloxone prescription. Each patient may fill a prescription using the program once every 30 days or as determined by their third party prescription coverage.

Do Patients Need To Individually Register To Participate In The Copay Program? 

No.  The same ID number can be submitted for each patient who participates in the program.

What Patient Data Is Collected By The Copay Program? 

Patient demographic data, including age and gender is sent with each prescription claim to McKesson’s LoyaltyScript program.  KORE and KPhA receive dedentified aggregate data on program usage.  KORE, KPhA, and other Kentucky state organizations do not receive any data that allows them to identify individual patients who participate in the Kentucky Naloxone Copay Program.