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Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE)

Guided by the Recovery-Oriented System of Care Framework, the purpose of the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE) is to implement a comprehensive targeted response to Kentucky’s opioid crisis by expanding equitable access to a full continuum of high quality, evidence-based opioid prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery supports. For more information, visit
Who should order at this site?
Agencies serving individuals who may be in a position to reverse an overdose. This includes KORE-funded programs, HEALing Communities Wave 1 agencies, and other entities interested in overdose education and naloxone distribution.
If you are an individual seeking naloxone, please visit

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Local Health Departments can order naloxone HERE and many eastern Kentucky first responder agencies can order here HERE.
Other questions? Email:
It is critical that your agency consult with the population you serve to determine the most appropriate strengths and dosage forms of naloxone to offer. Different populations may have different preferences and concerns when it comes to naloxone.

The current evidence indicates that naloxone 4mg nasal spray (ie. Narcan) is an effective dose and route of administration for opioid overdose reversal.  
There are now two strengths of nasal naloxone formulations available: Narcan 4mg (with its various generics) and Kloxxado 8mg. Both products are effective, however Kloxxado may be useful if your patient population is responding to overdoses that ROUTINELY require MORE than two (2) doses of 4 mg naloxone to reverse.
Injectable Naloxone
There are currently two strengths of injectable naloxone available: 0.4mg / mL and 5mg / 0.5 ml (Zimhi).
The 0.4mg / mL product is supplied as single use glass vials with one dose per vial. Your agency would need to supply intramuscular syringes with this product.
Zimhi (5mg / 0.5 mL) is a newer prefilled syringe. This is considered a high dose naloxone product and simliar to Kloxxado nasal spray, might be useful if your patient population is responding to overdoses that ROUTINELY require MORE than two (2) doses of 4 mg naloxone to reverse.


To receive overdose reversal agents such as NARCAN® Nasal Spray through KORE, all requesting agencies must be trained in overdose education. Training focuses on recognizing/responding to an overdose, basic tenets of addiction, opioid exposures, roles of treatment, and harm reduction programs. And can be accessed here:

Additional training (either in person or virtual) can be requested by submitting the Naloxone Request Form in the section below.


Kentucky agencies can request naloxone  by utilizing the following process:
  • Step 2: Fill out the KORE Request Form completely. Be sure to indicate if training is being requested.
  • Step 3: Approved requests will be shipped to the requesting agency.

This project is supported by the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort (KORE) through a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Grant H79TI083283