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Naloxone for Law Enforcement

Both products are effective. Kloxxado may be useful if your department is responding to overdoses that routinely require more than two dose of Narcan to reverse. If you have questions about which product is more appropriate for your agency, please contact Jody Jaggers

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July 28, 2021
Kentucky Law Enforcement Magazine Article:

"Lifesaving Measures: Legislation makes Narcan More Readily Available"

From the Article:
..."In other words, it is perfectly legal for anyone to possess naloxone, and it is commonly found in the possession of individuals who are, themselves, not illegal drug users – including family, friends, medical providers, social workers, private individuals and public safety personnel.  Possessing the medication would not be likely be considered indicative that illegal drugs are in the vicinity, although no case law exists yet."...

 Updated Guidance for Law Enforcement and First Responders for Administering Naloxone during the COVID-19 Pandemic