KPhA Awards

Bowl of Hygeia Award

Criteria – To recognize an individual who has demonstrated outstanding community service in pharmacy.

Eligibility – The recipient must be an Active or Honorary Life member of the Association. The recipient must be a pharmacist with a current valid license to practice in Kentucky. The recipient must be living, awards are not presented posthumously. The recipient has not previously received the award and is not currently serving nor has he/she served within the past two years on the selection committee or as an officer of the Association in other than ex-officio capacity. The recipient has compiled an outstanding record of community service that apart from his/her specific identifications as a pharmacist reflects well on the profession.

Bowl of Hygeia Previous Recipients

Trish Freeman, 2023
Donnie Riley, 2022
Melinda Joyce, 2021
Bob Oakley, 2020
Cathy Hanna, 2019
William "Pat" Mattingly, 2018
Melody Ryan, 2017
Ron Poole, 2016
Larry Stovall, 2015
Jerrold White, 2014
J. Leon Claywell, 2013
George F. Hammons, 2012
William I. McMakin, III, 2011
Kimberly Sasser Croley, 2010
Patricia Thornbury, 2009
Dave Peterson, 2008
Charles Fletcher, 2007
Gloria Doughty, 2006
Larry Hadley, 2005
Harold Cooley, 2004
Brian Fingerson, 2003
Simon Wolf, 2002
Richard Ross, 2001
Tom Houchens, 2000
Phil Losch, 1999
Lucy Easley, 1998
Nick Schwartz, 1997
Michael Cayce, 1996
Bill Borders, 1995
Gerald Deom, 1994
Kenneth Calvert, 1993
Joseph G. Bessler, 1992
Michel A. Burleson, 1991
Lynn Harrelson, 1990
William A. Conyers, Jr., 1989
Daniel R. Kovar, Jr., 1988
Martin W. Nie, 1987
Ralph Schwartz, 1986
Dwaine K. Green, 1985
W. Vance Smith, 1984
Richard L. Roeding, 1983
William J. Farrell, Sr., 1982
Joseph L. Scanlon, 1981
Joseph T. Elmes, Jr., 1980
H. Joe Russell, 1979
Alvin R. Bertram, 1978
Norman C. Horn, 1977
H. Joseph Schutte, 1976
D.H. "Sonny" Ralston, 1975
Arthur G. Jacob, 1974
James M. Brockman, 1973
Richard E. Murray, 1972
Randolph N. Smith, 1971
Oliver E. Mayer, 1970
Donald C. Morwessel, 1969
James Phillip Arnold, 1968
William D. Morgan, 1967
Ernest M. Davis, 1966
W.F. Bettinger, 1965
Arvid E. Tucker, 1964
Vernon B. Hager, 1963
Sidney Passamaneck, 1962
John H. Voige, 1961
E. Crawford Meyer, 1960
James J. Hamilton, 1959

Distinguished Service Award

Criteria- To recognize individual members who have made significant contributions to the Association or the profession at large over an extended period of time.

Eligibility – Only Active or Honorary Life members of the Association shall be eligible for the award. No individual shall be a recipient of the award more than once.

Distinguished Service Award Previous Recipients

Joel Thornbury, 2023
Michele Pinkston, 2022

Peter Cohron, 2021
Trish Freeman, 2020
Sam Willett, 2019
Emily Blaiklock, 2018
Bob Oakley, 2017
Kim Croley, 2016
Michael Burleson, 2015
William Grise & Judy Minogue, 2014
Catherine R. Hanna, 2013
Glenn Stark, 2012
Kenneth Roberts, 2011
Ann Amerson & Lynn Harrelson, 2010
Larry Hadley, 2009
Dwaine Green, 2008
John Brislin, 2007
Donnie Riley, 2005
Gloria Doughty, 2004
Coleman Friedman, 2003
Joe Fink III, 2002
Melinda Joyce, 2002
David Jaquith, 1999
R. Paul Easley & Jeff Osman, 1998
Ralph Bouvette, 1997
Pat Chadwell, 1996
Jordan Cohen and Marty Nie, 1995
Mike Montgomery, 1994
Richard Ross, 1993
Thomas Weisert, 1991
R. David Cobb, 1990
Joseph G. Bessler & Arthur G. Jacob, 1989
Paul E. Davis, 1988
Norman Horn & Robert E. Lee Sandlin, 1987
Joseph V. Swintosky, 1986
J.H. (Jack) Voige, 1985
Charles T. Lesshafft, Jr., 1984
Jerry Budde, 1983
William H. Nie, 1982
R.N. (Randy) Smith, 1981

Pharmacist of the Year Award

Criteria – To recognize a pharmacist for outstanding professional activities undertaken during the current or previous calendar year, which resulted in a demonstrable benefit to the profession of pharmacy.

Eligibility – Only Active or Honorary Life members of the Association shall be eligible for nominations and receipt of this award.

Pharmacist of the Year Previous Recipients

Kyle Bryan, 2023
Ben Mudd, 2022
Michele Pinkston, 2021
Suzi Francis, 2020
Paula Ruwe Miller, 2019
Richard Slone, 2018
Sam Willett, 2017
Joel Thornbury, 2016
Claire Love, 2015
Jill Rhodes, 2014
Trish Freeman, 2013
Alyson Schwartz, 2012
William Grise, 2011
Holly Byrnes, 2010
Dave Sallengs, 2009
Kelly Smith, 2008
Joseph Bickett, 2007
Paul Easley, 2006
John Anneken, 2005
Kimberly Sasser Croley, 2004
Ralph Bouvette, 2003
David Jaquith, 2001
Melinda Joyce, 1999
Michael Wyant, 1998
Phil Losch, 1997
Tom Houchens & Bob Kuhn, 1996
Don Ruwe, 1995
Mark Edwards, 1994
C. Dave Peterson, 1993
Brian Fingerson, 1992
Martin W. Nie, 1991
Judy Minogue, 1990
Paul Ruwe, 1989
Joseph L. Fink III, 1988
Steven R. Adams, 1987
William J. Farrell, 1986
Harold G. Becker, 1985
Dwaine K. Green, 1984
R. David Cobb, 1983
Richard E. Murray, 1982
Richard Rolfsen, 1981
Gloria H. Doughty, 1980
Joseph G. Bessler, 1979
Emil Baker, 1978
Robert L. Barnett, 1977
Joseph L. Scanlon, 1976
John B. Anneken, 1975
Alvin R. Bertram, 1974
Patricia A. Donahue, 1973
H. Joseph Schutte, 1972
Willard Alls, 1971
Joe D. Taylor, 1970
Richard L. Ross, 1969
Ralph J. Schwartz, 1968
George W. Grider, 1967
Robert J. Lichtefeld, 1966
E.M. Josey, 1965
Julius T. Toll, 1964
Charles E. Otto, 1963
Charles F. Rosenberg, 1962
R.N. Smith, 1961
E. Crawford Meyer, 1960
Charles A. Walton, 1959
Ernest C. Williams, 1958
George W. Grider, 1957
Ray Wirth, 1956
Nathan Kaplin, 1955
Marion Hardesty, 1954

Professional Promotion Award

Criteria – To recognize individuals or organizations who have exhibited outstanding efforts to demonstrate the importance of pharmacy as a health care profession, and which promote the proper application of pharmacists’ professional services.

Eligibility – Open to persons or organizations.

Professional Promotion Previous Recipients

Brittany Dominick, 2023
John Fuller, 2022

Representative Danny Bentley, 2021
Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy, 2020
Kim Croley, 2019
Cindy Stowe, 2018
Rho Chi Chapter at UK College of Pharmacy, 2017
Suzanne Francis, 2016
Kerry Hettinger, 2015
Cassandra Beyerle, 2014
Julie N. Burris & Walgreens Corporation, 2013
Sullivan University College of Pharmacy student chapter of APhA-ASP, 2012
Lynne Eckmann, 2011
Gloria Doughty & Lynn Harrelson, 2010
Jordan Covvey, 2009
Jeff Mills, 2008
Trish Freeman, 2007
Sherry DeCuir, 2006
Pete Orzali, 2005
John Armistead, Don Kupper & Willie Newby, 2004
Kroger Pharmacy Mid South Division, Holly Divine, Randy Gaither, Bill Grise & Laura Jones, 2003
Jefferson County Academy of Pharmacy, Dean Ken Roberts, Ph.D, 2002
Paul Easley, Bob Oakley and Michael Wyant, 2001
Judy Minogue, 2000
Ralph Bouvette, 1999
Rodger Smith, Barbara Woerner, Mary Ann Wyant, and Rick Vissing, 1998
Larry Spears, 1997
John B. Anneken, 1996
Phil Losch, 1995
Jordan Cohen, 1994
Judy Minogue, 1994
Kentucky Academy of Student of Pharmacy, 1993
Celeste Flick & Clarence Sullivan III, 1988
William H. Nie, 1987
Student Kentucky APhA, 1986
Northern KY Pharmacists Association, 1986

Young Pharmacists of the Year Award sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company

Criteria – To recognize a young pharmacist’s outstanding contribution to the profession and/or community.

Eligibility – The recipient must be an Active member of the Association. The recipient must be licensed to practice for nine years or less. The recipient must have a valid, active license to practice in Kentucky. The recipient must have demonstrated participation in a national pharmacy association, professional program(s) and/or community service.

Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award Previous Recipients

Kelsie Skaggs, 2023
Nathan Hughes, 2022

Martika Martin, 2021
Kyle Bryan, 2020
Kyle Harris, 2019
Jessica Mills, 2018
Frankie Abner, 2017
Matt Carrico, 2016
Cassandra Beyerle, 2015
Chris Harlow, 2014
Brooke Hudspeth, 2013
Stacy Rowe, 2012
Aimee Ruder, 2011
Karen Hubbs, 2010
Matt Martin, 2009
Tiffany Self, 2008
Angela Parrett, 2007
Janet Mills, 2006
Alyson Schwartz, 2005
Nancy Horn, 2004
Jennifer O’Hearn, 2003
Karen Altsman, 2001
Kim Wilson, 1999
Kim Harned, 1998
Michael Box, 1997
Dan Yeager, 1996
Dan Minogue, 1995
Pan Haeberlin, 1994
Kimberly Sasser Croley, 1993
Phillip Sandlin, 1992
Jeffrey W. Danhauer, 1991
Mark S. Edwards, 1990
Susan Murray Kathman, 1989
Melinda Cummins Joyce,1987

Excellence in Innovation Award Sponsored by Upsher-Smith Laboratories

Criteria – To recognize a pharmacist who has demonstrated innovative pharmacy practice resulting in improved patient care in the previous year or over an extended period of time.

Eligibility – A recipient must be a pharmacist who is an Active or Honorary Life member of the Association. A recipient may receive the award more than once.

To view the list of award winners from across the country, click here.

Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award Previous Recipients

Easton Bryant, 2023
MeLeigha Milby & Nelda Eads, 2022

Hope Maniyar, 2021
Sarah Vickey, 2020
Trish Freeman, 2019
J Leon Claywell, 2018
Melanie Dicks, Holly Divine and Tera McIntosh, 2017
Chris Harlow, 2016
Matt Carrico, 2015
Brooke Hudspeth, 2014
Buddy Wheeler, 2013
Lynn Harrelson, 2012
James Nash & BC Childress, 2011
Lynne Eckmann & Cathy Hanna, 2010
Ann Albrecht, 2008
Lisa Short, 2005
Holly Divine, Amy Nicholas, 2004
Judy Minogue, 2003
Trish Freeman, 2002
Mary Ann Wyant, 2001
Joyce Korfhage Rhea, 2000
Cathy Edwards, 1999
Celeste Flick, 1998
Jeanne Zeis, 1997
Dave Wren, 1996
Preston Art, 1995
W. Michael Leake, 1994

Technician of the Year Award

Criteria – To recognize a Certified Pharmacy Technician for outstanding professional activities.

Eligibility – Only active Pharmacy Technician members of the Association shall be eligible for nomination and receipt of this award.

Technician of the Year Award Previous Recipients

Pam Montgomery, 2023
Kylen Davis, 2022

Brooke Strong, 2021
Jan Houchens, 2020
Luke Shockley, 2019
Sarah Lisenby, 2018
Ella Louise Johnson, 2017
Heather Daniels, 2015
Don Carpenter, 2014
Leslie Lochner and Robin Lilpop, 2013
Patricia Robinson, 2012
Jessica Salmons, 2011
Gwen Otter, 2010
Lisa Sawvel, 2008
Margaret Sinkhorn, 2007
Charlotte Bowling, 2006
Mary Jane Wathen, 2005
Kent Williams, 2004
Tammy Newsome, 2003
Frank Ray, 2002
Jane Woerner, 2001

Meritorious Service Award

Criteria – To recognize individuals who have given meritorious service to the Association or the profession at large during the previous year or over an extended period of time.
Eligibility – Active or Honorary Life members of the Association are not eligible for nomination for this award.  The Associations Board of Directors upon majority vote shall confer a Meritorious Service Award upon any individual(s).
Rep. Danny Bentley, 2023
Rep. Steve Sheldon, 2022

Dr. Steven Stack, 2021
Gay Dwyer and Shannon Stiglitz, 2020
Sen. Jimmy Higdon and Dr. Connie White, 2019
Rep. Danny Bentley, 2018
Brian Dewire, 2017
Sen. Max Wise and Rep. Jeff Greer, 2016
Jan Gould (renamed award; at Legislative Conference), 2015
Congressman Brett Guthrie and Rep. John Tilley, 2015
Senator Tom Buford and David Switzer, 2014
Rep. Jeff Greer, 2013
Senators Julie Denton and Robert Stivers, 2012
Sen. Tom Jensen, 2011
Rep. Mike Cherry, Rep. Wilson Stone, Department of
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Branch, 2010
Representative Tommy Thompson, 2009
Kathy Harrod, 2008
Dr. William Hacker, Rep. Tom Burch, 2007
Gina Caldwell, Kathy Easley, 2006
Jan Gould, Gay Dwyer, Bruce Lafferre, 2005
Dr. Rice Leach, Rep. Joni Jenkins, 2004
Brad Hall, Rep. Jimmie Lee, 2003
Lynne Thompson, Senator Julie Denton, 2001
Charlene Sizemore, 2000
Jodie Hillard, 1999
Senator Denny Nunnelley, 1998
Representative Joe Barrows, 1997
Senator Larry Saunders, 1994
Jan Gould, 1993
Wilma Pelfrey, 1991
Mack J. Morgan, Jr., 1989
Richard M. Doughty, 1987
Helen Kinsman, 1986
Senator Helen Garret, 1985
Rep. Marshall Long & Elizabeth Caddell, 1984
John Godfrey & Senator Ed Ford, 1983

Cardinal Health Generation Rx Champions Award

Criteria – This award program recognizes excellence in community-based prescription drug abuse prevention at state pharmacy associations. This award honors a pharmacist who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to raising awareness of the dangers of prescription drug abuse among the general public and among the pharmacy community. The award is also intended to encourage educational prevention efforts aimed at patients, youth and other members of the community. In addition to the award, to honor the pharmacist’s work to fight prescription drug abuse, APMS, state pharmacy associations and the Cardinal Health Foundation will donate $500 to a charity of the award recipient’s choice.

Cardinal Health Generation Rx Champions Award Previous Recipients

Suzi Francis, 2018
Trish Freeman, 2016
Laurel Taylor, 2015
Amber Cann, 2014
Raymond Float, 2013
Brian Fingerson, 2012