Emergency Contraception Training for Kentucky Pharmacists

Over 267,600 women in Kentucky live in contraceptive deserts and lack adequate access to birth control. Emergency contraception (EC) with oral levonorgestrel is available over-the-counter (OTC); however, many women are unable to afford the high cost of OTC EC without using prescription insurance. The Kentucky Board of Pharmacy-authorized Self-Care Conditions Protocol: Emergency Contraception enables Kentucky pharmacists to remove barriers to EC by providing patients with a prescription for covered pharmacy access to EC.

The Kentucky Pharmacists Association has partnered with The UK College of Pharmacy Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Practice to provide Kentucky pharmacists with an ACPE-accredited online training program and toolkit to implement dispensing of EC services in community pharmacies. KPhA has paid for 400 participants to complete the CE to implement the EC protocol in their practice. This important online training is available at www.cecentral.com/ec. KPhA members can access this FREE opportunity with code KPHA (all caps).