Pharmacy Relief Fund Activated for Flood Victims

We are heartbroken by the devastation caused by the flooding in Eastern Kentucky last week. Several of our members and their families experienced severe damage to their homes, property, and business. Multiple pharmacies were heavily flooded causing temporary closures. The recovery ahead will be lengthy and difficult but our fellow Kentuckians will persevere. If you or someone you know has been affected and need access to relief funding, please request assistance here. Requests for assistance are being processed as quickly as possible.
The fund is available to Kentucky residents that experienced hardship caused by severe flooding in Eastern Kentucky last week. Preference is given to actively employed pharmacy professionals on an as-needed basis at the discretion of the fund administrators. Funding is provided in good faith and the availability of resources is not guaranteed.

If you need assistance obtaining supplies to reopen a closed pharmacy or other pharmacy-related concerns, please contact Michele Pinkston, Pharmacy Director of Emergency Preparedness.



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