Medicaid to Allow for Additional Dispensing Fees on MOUD

Last week, Kentucky's Department for Medicaid Services (DMS) filed 907 KAR 23:020E, which made positive amendments to the reimbursement methodology for outpatient drugs. Specifically, the emergency regulation increases the frequency of dispensing fee payments for medications for opioid use disorder (i.e. buprenorphine) from once monthly to every seven days if warranted by the applicable standard of care.

DMS shared that they plan to work with MedImpact to implement the changes by October 1, 2022, but stated that it could take longer depending on the delay of federal approval and MedImpact system changes that are required prior to implementation.

KPhA has worked closely with our members and DMS to advocate for these changes since July 2021, when SB50 was initially implemented. This is another great example of how your KPhA membership defends our profession and champions the pharmacist to create positive change for our patients.



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