KPhA Board of Directors Nomination

KPhA Board of Directors Nomination Open 

KPhA Board of Directors Nomination - 2021

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The Organizational Affairs Committee is accepting
nominations for President-Elect, Treasurer, and three Board
of Director positions for the Kentucky Pharmacists
Association. You are invited and encouraged to become
involved in YOUR profession by applying for a leadership
position with KPhA or nominating a colleague that KPhA
should consider for volunteer service.

Please submit your nominations by completing the online
form no later than March 15, 2021. Please include your
CV, photo and a statement on why you want to run for the
office or why you are nominating this individual. 

Position description: The President-Elect shall serve an
additional two years as President and Chair of the Board of
Directors respectively for a total three-year commitment. In
the absence of the President, all powers and duties shall be
assumed by the President-Elect. The President-Elect shall
oversee the nomination process with the assistance of the
Organizational Affairs Committee and encourage members
of the Association to serve as of the association to serve s officers of the association. 

Treasurer (two-year term):
The Treasurer shall Chair the Budget & Audit Committee. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds and disbursements of the Association. The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of
the Association for an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall present a full financial report of the Association's finances at each Annual Meeting and present a full year-to-date financial report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors (three positions open for a term of three
years each):
Position description: The Board of Directors shall be
composed of the following voting members: The
Immediate Past President, who shall serve as Chair; the
President; the President-Elect; the Secretary; the Treasurer;
the Speaker of the House of Delegates; the Vice-Speaker of
the House of Delegates: nine Directors; the President of any
Kentucky Chapter of APhA-ASP, and a Past President of the
Association. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be
held upon the call of the Chair, typically six per year at the
KPhA headquarters in Frankfort, KY. Any member of the
Board of Directors who fails to attend two-thirds of the
meetings of the Board annually, without adequate excuse
for absence, may be dropped from Board membership by
action of the Board of Directors.



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