Racing Toward Success: Weekly Legislative Update

The Kentucky General Assembly has passed the first quarter mark in this legislative session and continues to pick up the pace daily! As advocates for pharmacy, it's crucial to stay ahead in the race for positive legislative outcomes. KPhA is here to keep you up on all things pharmacy policy, so lace up and join us for this fast-paced update on the past week's happenings! 

House Bill 274 Assigned to Health Services Committee 

Representative Bentley's bill to extend pharmacist immunization authority to age 3+ has begun its movement through the legislative process, being referred to the House Standing Committee on Health Services. The bill's number of co-sponsors has doubled to twelve since our last update! 

Click here to read HB 274 and view its current list of co-sponsors

Don't see your legislator's name on the co-sponsor list? Ask them to sign on in support here

House Bill 31 on its Way to the Orders of the Day 

Representative Deanna Frazier Gordon (R-Richmond) filed this legislation to require Medicaid and MCOs to cover at-home anticoagulation monitoring for patients on chronic therapy. The bill was reported favorably from the Health Services Committee and is sprinting toward a vote on the House floor this afternoon! 

Click here to read HB 31 

Click here to watch the House Session live on KET today at 4 PM

House Bill 317 to Help Patients and Providers Run Past the Prior Authorization Process 

Representative Moser (R-Taylors Mill) is spearheading a bipartisan effort in the House to exempt certain providers from prior authorization requirements. The bill, which has yet to be referred to a committee, would enable pharmacists to more efficiently reach the finish line in filling prescriptions and patients to maintain the pace of their care. 

Click here to read HB 317

House Bill 220 is Looking for its Path to Passage 

HB 220, sponsored for the second session in a row by Representative Neighbors (R-Edmonton), was assigned to a committee and reassigned to a different one last week. Ultimately, the bill has been referred to the House Standing Committee on Banking & Insurance for consideration. 

Click here to read HB 220

House Bill 5 Passed 74-22 

The Safer Kentucky Act has garnered significant media attention since being introduced. Of note for our profession, an amendment to the bill was made last Friday, which ensured that the current Good Samaritan statute language would remain intact. HB 5 completed its initial race through the House with this amendment but has yet to be assigned to a Committee in the Senate. 

Click here to read HB 5 

Senate Bill 26 has a New Running Buddy in House Bill 316 

SB 26 (Sen. Meredith) and HB 316 (Rep. Petrie) would establish a new Medicaid Oversight and Advisory Board. The Board would include legislators and non-legislators and be tasked with making recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the state's Medicaid program. SB 26 has been assigned to the State & Local Government Committee, while the bill remains unassigned in the House. 

Click to read SB 26 and HB 316 

Senate Bill 27 Awaiting Committee Hearing 

Senator Stephen Meredith (R-Leitchfield) introduced SB 27 to prohibit 340B pricing discrimination in contract pharmacies. The bill has been waiting at its starting line since the second day of session, when it was assigned to the Health Services Committee, of which Senator Meredith is Chair. 

Click here to read SB 27 

As always, KPhA is working hard to keep the profession of pharmacy in the lead this session. Although some days in Frankfort necessitate a sprint, we are often reminded that the Legislative Session is a marathon. So, let's keep the momentum going! Here are a few ways that you can engage in and support KPhA's legislative efforts as the session continues: 

Be on the lookout for additional legislative updates this week! With every step we take this week, we are moving closer to achieving KPhA's top legislative priorities for this session.  



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