Ask Your State Representative to Co-Sponsor HB 274!

While the snow and cold make us want to stay cozy at home, it has not slowed our Kentucky General Assembly down this week. In fact, one of KPhA's top priority bills was filed during the convening of the House yesterday afternoon! 

Representative Danny Bentley filed HB 274, which would amend KRS 315 to grant pharmacists immunization authority for patients ages 3 and older via prescriber-approved protocol. The passing of this legislation would codify a former PREP Act provision and allow pharmacists to play an important role in access to care for children across Kentucky. 

The KPhA team has been busy in meetings with legislators on the Health Services committees to discuss this issue and our other top legislative priorities. Now that this legislation has been filed, it is time for our members and colleagues to act, too! 

Reach out to your Representatives today to ask them to co-sponsor HB 274. If you have an existing relationship with your State Representative, feel free to contact them with your own message. If you need some help getting started, we have created a template message that you can personalize and send here

You can stay informed about other happenings this legislative session using the LRC website and KET Live Legislative Coverage.



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