KPhA Policy Position on Medical Marijuana (Updated 11.2.18)

KPhA neither endorses nor opposes legislation in the Kentucky General Assembly related to the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Rather, KPhA has adopted the following policy position. KPhA supports regulatory changes to facilitate clinical research related to the clinical efficacy and safety associated with the use of cannabis and its various components.  Also, KPhA will support pharmacist participation in furnishing cannabis and its various components for medical purposes, to include reviewing a patient’s complete medication regimen, pursuant to an order from a state approved qualified and licensed provider if and when, federal, state, or territory laws or regulations permit them to do so. KPhA supports oversight of dispensaries by the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy and advocates cannabis furnishing activities transpire within a licensed dispensary, not a licensed pharmacy. KPhA opposes pharmacist involvement in furnishing cannabis and its various components for recreational use.