Emergency Preparedness

Be Disaster Aware - Take Action to be Prepared

Should an emergency, such as a bioterrorism event, natural disaster or infectious disease outbreak, occur in Kentucky, hundreds of pharmacy professionals would be urgently needed to dispense medications from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to protect the public and save lives. Pharmacy professionals would be volunteering at a community-based dispensing site, utilizing the mobile pharmacy.

Kentucky Pharmacists Association (KPhA) has a dedicated Director of Pharmacy Emergency Preparedness who consults with the Kentucky Department for Public Health and other healthcare professionals in the state to plan pharmacy response efforts. Training and education of pharmacist volunteers and their participation in planned activities allows them to become more knowledgeable, competent and better prepared to play a contributory role when called upon in an emergency situation.

Role of the Community Pharmacist
Pharmacy professionals play an important role in responding to emergency events, such as a natural disaster or infectious disease outbreak. They are called upon to urgently dispense medications from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to protect the public and save lives.

  • Pharmacists are highly-visible members of the health care community, and involvement in emergency preparedness begins at a local, community level.  
  • Pharmacies are an important part of any local response and pharmacy professionals are adequately equipped to assist the public during response efforts.
  • Pharmacists protect their patients and staff by encouraging them to have a personal and family emergency plan in place, including an organized record of medication information, supplies and communication mechanisms.

Executive Order

Click here for the Executive Order from the Governor in response to the severe weather in March 2012. KPhA worked with the Kentucky Legislature to develop the statute that authorized the governor to execute this order.

If you have questions about KPhA's Emergency Preparedness Initiatives, contact KPhA at 502-227-2303.

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