Submit Ballot - Due May 4, 2019 


Joel  C. Thornbury

This Association has been a valuable part of my professional & personal life for over 2 decades now. I am called to serve our profession and Association in many manners. I ask for your support again, wishing to lead our Association as we continue to push our profession forward for all pharmacists.

I have been a career-long member of the Association serving & chairing many committees. I have been on and off the Board as an active member. I presently am on the Organizational Affairs Committee and the Board of Directors.


Chris Killmeier 

I have been a pharmacist for 29 years with Walgreens.  Within Walgreens I have held positions from staff pharmacist up to district pharmacy supervisor.  I am currently pharmacy manager at Walgreens, 2420 Lime Kiln Lane, Louisville, KY 40222.  I have been on the Board of Directors for KPhA since 2013.  I have served as Chairman on the Advisory Council to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy for eight years and serve on their Pharmacist Recovery Network and their Legislative Committee.


Cathy Hanna

My interest in serving on the KPhA Board of Directors stems from my long-standing interest in advancing the practice of pharmacy and promoting the role of pharmacists as an integrated member of the healthcare team.  While I have had the privilege of working to advance these goals through multiple venues, including my work as Vice President of Professional Affairs for the American Pharmacy Services Corporation (APSC) and my recent service to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, I believe KPhA is key to our success, and as such, am eager to serve on the KPhA Board.

I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a BS in AG Economics in 1983 and earned a BS in Pharmacy in 1986. After graduating from pharmacy school, I owned and managed an independent long-term care pharmacy for many years, returning to UK to complete my PharmD degree in 2004.  In my present role at APSC, I work with community pharmacists on policy, compliance, regulatory and operational issues.  I also develop, educate and assist pharmacists with the implementation of emerging professional services. 

I am passionate about pharmacy and continue to be an advocate for the profession.  I am a long-standing member of KPhA and an active member of the Advancing Pharmacy Practice in Kentucky Coalition (APPKC).  I have developed and presented numerous continuing education programs to assist pharmacists in meeting regulatory and accreditation standards, and to advance clinical pharmacy practice in a variety of practice settings.  Most recently, I have worked with the Board of Pharmacy to secure new authority for protocol-driven care and the APPKC to prepare pharmacists to implement these new Board-authorized protocols.  

If elected, I will bring my experience as a leader and advocate for pharmacy to assist KPhA in meeting its strategic vision – to become a unified pharmacy profession empowered to maximize patient and public health as fully integrated members of the healthcare team.

Kyle Harris

It has been my privilege to be part of an amazing profession for nearly nine years.  During that time, I have witnessed many changes to the profession which have granted pharmacists greater roles in providing patient care which have allowed patients more access to healthcare and quicker initiation of treatments.  Having worked in independent community pharmacy, specialty compounding and durable medical equipment, and long-term care, I have enjoyed learning of the impacts our profession can have on individual patients. 

I have also enjoyed the opportunity to work with other healthcare providers to display the level of knowledge and expertise we are able to contribute to patient care from working with nurses, physicians, and nurse practitioners in the skilled nursing facility to teaching physician assistants in the classroom.

I have been honored, in my relatively short time in this profession, to have worked with many great pharmacists who have paved the way for future pharmacists.  I feel it is time for me to give back to my profession in this way--doing all we can to be certain the patients of the Commonwealth receive the care and attention we, as pharmacists, are educated and trained to provide.

Cassy Hobbs

The practice of pharmacy and service to the Commonwealth are very important to me as my roots are in Kentucky; born and raised in Louisville, KY and a 2010 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy.

My involvement with KPhA has been personally and professionally rewarding. I am very grateful for the opportunities to serve my profession through KPhA, including service on the New Practitioners Committee, Vice-Speaker and Speaker of the KPhA House of Delegates, and my current role, on the board of directors. I also serve as a board member for the Jefferson Academy of Pharmacy and on the Advancing Pharmacy Practice in Kentucky Coalition (APPKC) and the APPKC Protocol Workgroup.

As the chair of the KPhA Provider Status Workgroup I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of how our profession can blossom! Practicing as an associate professor at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy I regularly see the excitement and anticipation of students eager to enter our profession. When interacting with currently practicing pharmacists this vigor has waned within the profession, leading to discontent, burnout and in extreme cases apathy. I am hopeful through the work of the KPhA Board, KPhA committees and the grassroots efforts of ALL KPhA members, we can revitalize the profession. Increasing our visibility as a profession, emphasizing our importance on the health care team, and truly becoming recognized as healthcare providers.

I will continue advocating for and working towards compensation for pharmacists’ professional services and innovative, sustainable practice models. Through these avenues I believe pharmacists can reinvigorate their love and dedication for the profession!

I am asking for your vote so that I may continue serving on the KPhA Board of Directors, helping the profession step forward and fulfill the mission and vision of YOUR Kentucky Pharmacists Association. 

Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein moved to Louisville following a PGY1 residency in North Chicago. He started his career in Louisville as a clinical coordinator, and worked with Rite Aid. Experience in hospital pharmacy, as a clinical coordinator, and a community pharmacist, have helped shape his understanding of the different facets of pharmacy and his understanding of the significant challenges this profession faces.

After completing his term as KPhA Speaker of the House of Delegates, Ethan remained active within KPhA as a member of the Government Affairs Committee. Last year, with other KPhA members, he met with legislators to forward KPhA’s agenda in supporting changes to the Bio-similar Substitution bill. He is the 2015-16 co-chair of the Professional/Public Affairs Committee and also serves on the Kentucky Pharmacists Political Advocacy Council.

With practical experience in multiple practice site settings and my previous participation with KPhA as Speaker of the House of Delegates in 2014, I feel like I would be an asset to the Board of Directors. I’ve had two years experience on the board, and am familiar with the obligations the board has to the profession of pharmacy and the KPhA membership. I would like the opportunity to serve again on the KPhA Board of Directors to continue to push forward KPhA’s legislative priorities, and I would appreciate your vote.

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills, PharmD., is a 2002 graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy and works for Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville. His career has spanned community, hospital and ambulatory care settings. Jeff’s practice interests include oncology and legislative affairs. He has been an active participant on the KPhA Board of Directors for over 15 years and has served as Speaker of the House, Chair of the Public & Professional Affairs Committee and a member of the KPhA Executive Committee. Jeff resides in Louisville with his wife, Janet, a pharmacist at KentuckyOne Health, and their two children, Rachel and Ryan.

I am seeking to continue my service to the Kentucky Pharmacists Association on the Board of Directors for another term because I believe that active participation in advancing our profession is paramount to the future of health care in Kentucky. Pharmacy continues to be in a unique position to impact the lives of patients because of our accessibility and our specialized training in coaching our patients to better outcomes. With the advent of value based reimbursement and the focus on the overall health and well-being of patients, pharmacy has another opportunity to demonstrate that the role we play in patient care is critical. My practice experience – spanning ambulatory, inpatient and community practice settings – allows me to insightfully contribute to the decision making of the Board of Directors with the goal of positioning our profession to capitalize on these opportunities. I request your vote to allow me to continue serving our profession and our Association to that end.

Misty Stutz

As I have had the pleasure of serving on the professional affairs committee for the last 5 years, I have gained an appreciation of the difficulty of pulling the work of multiple committees together to give a unified voice. And just as there are multiple voices within KPhA, there are also multiple voices within the state. But we all serve the same purpose, to advance the practice of pharmacy and be able to take care of our patients while maintaining fiscal solvency. I believe my talents of leadership and teamwork could have a positive influence within the leadership of KPhA. My experiences are diverse, and my role within the college of pharmacy at Sullivan has allowed me to form a network of pharmacists throughout the state that gives me a unique perspective to issues that arise regardless of practice site. All of us want the profession to continue to grow and expand, and yet each of us sees things a little differently. Being a member of the Board of Directors would allow me to work with stakeholders to ensure KPhA was meeting the needs of not only our membership, but every pharmacist throughout the state. We have made great strides within our profession within the last couple of years or so and I would like to be part of the positive work from the Board of Directors to continue this forward momentum.