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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR)

Pharmacies must be enrolled in KYIR to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccine Program. Now is the time to enroll your pharmacy if want to participate in the program.  If your pharmacy is already enrolled with KYIR, you do not need to enroll again.
  • Overview of the Kentucky Immunization Registry and Its Importance to Pharmacies 
  • KYIR Enrollment Information
    • KYIR Enrollment Webpage –  For establishing front-end user access to KYIR for COVID-19 inventory management and data reporting (if unable to connect to KHIE).  All COVID-19 vaccine providers will need access to KYIR, even those with a KHIE connection.
    • KHIE/KYIR Enrollment WebpageFor establishing an electronic connection from KHIE to KYIR for COVID-19 vaccination data reporting 
  • KYIR Help Desk Contact Information
    • Hours:          8 am to 4pm (EST)  Monday – Thursday and  8am to 12 pm Friday
    • Phone:         802-564-0038
    • Email:   (Use email Option after 12pm on Fridays)

KDPH COVID-19 Vaccine Program

  • Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccination Plan (DRAFT) 
  • Phase 1a - Hospitals
    • KDPH is currently working to get hospitals enrolled as they will be among the first to receive the vaccine
  • Phase 1bLong-Term Care Facilities
  • Phase 2 – Pharmacies
  • KDPH has not opened enrollment for pharmacy vaccination providers to date.  Once enrollment opens, a link to the enrollment page will be available here as well as KDPH websites.
  • Before enrollment, pharmacy vaccine providers should do the following:
    • Verify that you have a KHIE/KYIR connection.  Data submission for each COVID-19 vaccine administered is required every 24 hours.  You cannot participate in the program if you are not connected to KHIE/KYIR.
    • Register with VaccineFinder ( to a vaccination provider.  CDC will  require that vaccine providers provide inventory information to this website.

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

  • APhA Immunizations During COVID-19  – Contains resources to meet HHS requirements for pharmacists to vaccinate children down to 3 years of age