Academy of Pharmacy Technicians

In April 2013, the Kentucky Pharmacists Association Board of Directors voted in favor of the petition to found a new KPhA Academy for Pharmacy Technicians.


Academy Mission Statement:

To unite the pharmacy technicians throughout the Commonwealth to have one voice toward the advancement of our profession.

The Academy officers for 2019-2020 are as follows:

Heather Daniels – Chair

Jessica Salmons – Vice Chair

Vacant – 1st Director

Vacant – 2nd Director

Join the KPhA Academy of Pharmacy Technicians! As technicians, we are excited about the changing environment in the pharmacy profession and look forward to being a part of that change. If you are a technician member of KPhA, you are eligible to be a member of the Pharmacy Technician Academy. There is no extra cost involved or responsibility. Our goal is for the role of the pharmacy technician to grow and evolve as a profession. We want to invite every technician to join the academy to have a voice in guiding our profession.
To join OUR KPhA, visit For more information on how to join the Pharmacy Technician Academy please email KPhA.

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