The mission of KPhA is to advocate and advance the pharmacy profession to improve the health of Kentuckians.

R.O.A.D Trip

Reimagine. One Voice. Advocate. Diversify.

Meet us on the road at a pharmacy, RSVP by email for dinner at Brian Patch Restaurant in Owensboro on Tuesday, September 27, 6:30 PM, or join us for both!
KPhA staff has been on R.O.A.D. these last two months connecting with pharmacists and pharmacist technicians across the Commonwealth. Our trip comes to an end next week with our final destination being Owensboro! When united by one voice, we have the power to reimagine the role of Kentucky pharmacists. Our ability to advocate for our diverse profession regardless of practice setting or location strengthens our charge in Frankfort and ensures patient care will always come before profit. 

Like our previous stops, each R.O.A.D. trip culminates with dinner and education at a Meet-and-Greet. Members and non-members are invited to join us and see first-hand how a community connected by a shared passion for pharmacy empowers the profession and grows your career. Please RSVP by email with Nick Mullet for our next Meet-and-Greet on Tuesday, September 27, 6:30-7:30 PM in Owensboro for a delicious meal at Brian Patch Restaurant, an excellent educational program from Novo Nordisk, and camaraderie among colleagues and friends.