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CPE Credit Claiming Policy

Important Notice

As of January 1, 2013, ACPE has mandated that all CPE credit be issued through the My CPE Monitor system. In addition to this mandate, a time limit has been imposed upon ACPE providers to issue credit to participants of a live CPE session no later than 60-days post activity.

In the past KPhA has been lenient on this deadline and has allowed participants that were unable to claim their credit to continue to request credit after this deadline. As such, each time KPhA had to issue credit after the 60-day deadline we have had to request an exception to the rule from ACPE to allow the credit to transfer to the system.

ACPE has stated that they will no longer allow these exceptions to occur. As such, KPhA is now mandating that all live education credit be claimed no later than 45-days post activity. This will allow our staff 15 days to deal with any technical or personal issues that may prevent a participant from claiming their credit by our 45-day deadline.

Any participant that does not successfully claim their credit within 60-days post activity will not be able to receive credit, regardless of the reason for failure.

It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure accurate claiming of credit and transfer to the My CPE Monitor system. We recommend that all participants verify their credit within their My CPE Monitor profile no later than 45-days post activity. If for any reason your credit is not appearing within your profile you must contact the KPhA office as soon as possible to resolve the issue.