Board Authorized Protocols

201 KAR 2:380 authorizes the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy to review and approve advanced practice protocols for pharmacist use.

Recent updates to 201 KAR 2:380 require pharmacies to submit all fully executed protocols to the newly established protocol registry prior to their use. To submit a protocol to the registry, email the fully executed protocol to or fax to 502-696-3806. 
Note: immunization and naloxone protocols are not authorized under 201 KAR 2:380 and, therefore, do not require submission to the board.

Resourses and/or Education Opportunities for the Current Board-Authorized Protocols:‚Äč

Check back later for education and resources for the follow protocols: 
  • Acute Influenza
  • Acute Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis Infection
  • Self-Care Conditions Protocol Over the Counter Dietary Supplement Protocol
  • Self-Care Conditions Protocol Diabetes Testing and Injection Supplies
  • Anaphylaxis Treatment Protocol for Emergency Epinephrine Injection Devices
  • Self-Care Conditions Protocol Diabetes Testing Supplies
  • Self-Care Conditions Protocol Over-the-Counter Probiotics
  • Tobacco Cessation Protocol
  • Tuberculin Skin Testing One-Step Protocol
  • Tuberculin Skin Testing Two Step Protocol

Visit the Advancing Pharmacy Practice in Kentucky Coalition page to learn of their continued efforts and to access additional continuing education resources.