Important Board Authorized Protocol Regulation Update

Last week the KY Board of Pharmacy (KBoP) sent out a communication regarding the update of the Board Authorized Protocol Regulation that is in effect. The regulation can be found here. I've included a highlight of changes provided by the KBoP, which you can find below. One important update to the regulatory requirements we want to highlight is that ALL board-authorized protocols currently signed and being utilized MUST be submitted to the Board of Pharmacy (starting June 21) before they can be used. You can submit it to the Board of Pharmacy via email ( or fax (502-696-3806).



Please note that immunization and naloxone protocols are not required to be submitted to the Board.
Highlights of Changes to 201 KAR 2:380

  • The protocol may only be signed by a Kentucky licensed physician or advanced practice registered nurse practitioner. No other practitioner (e.g., Physician Assistant) will have the authority to sign a board-authorized protocol. 

  • The protocol must state the Kentucky pharmacy permit number where the protocol will be utilized.

  • Only pharmacists who are party to the protocol agreement can implement/utilize the protocol.

  • Pharmacists utilizing the protocol must be appropriately licensed and employed by or contracted with the permit holder.

  • The PIC is responsible for submitting the fully executed protocol to the Board of Pharmacy and for submitting the notification of discontinuation of the protocol no later than 30 days after discontinuing the protocol. 

  • The protocol must be sent to the Board of Pharmacy prior to implementation.

  • The Board of Pharmacy will maintain a protocol registry.

  • COVID-19 infection, pursuant to the recommendations by the CDC, has been added as an authorized condition.



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