Hot Topic: Biologic Drug Substitutions


Biologic Drug Substitutions is just one of the current Hot Topics that will be discussed at this year's Annual Meeting, June 8-11, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Biologic Drug Substitutions Best Practices are covered in this recent article but sign up for our Annual Meeting, and you'll have an entire session devoted to it. While you are here: Is there a specific topic you are interested in? Please send me an email, and I'll do my best to include it in the Annual Meeting Agenda--if it's not already.


Before you duck out early for the holiday weekend (and I hope you can), register for the Annual Meeting and check it off your to-do list. Even better, be one of the next three pharmacists who sign up, and you'll receive the discounted rate ($100 in savings). These are the last three spots available as part of our April Fools' Day Special: NO JOKE!

Whether it's fast cars or Nashville-bound music sensations, we are gearing up for a fun weekend in Bowling Green! A lot has happened since we were here last, but wherever you find yourself in the profession today, our 145th Annual Meeting will have all the parts you need to RevUp, GearUp, and TeamUp. We know it takes a whole pit crew to get from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, so we thought adding a "Team Rx Rate" for a flat $1,000 fee was an appropriate and fun way to increase morale. For $1,000, send up to five pharmacists (or techs) on your Rx Team to the Annual Meeting.

Register Today!
Pharmacist: $350
Resident: $175 (Available to all pharmacists that graduated in 2022)
Tech: $100
Student: $10
Team Rate: $1000 (includes registration for up to 5 team members)



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