The Kentucky Pharmacist Journal is LIVE

We may be in the part of the year when Kentucky can experience all four seasons in one week, but at least the ten darkest weeks of the year are behind us. And I don't mean the KY Legislative Session. Our steadfast leaders have until March 30 to make things right by pharmacists and our patients.

In between reaching out to your senators to tell them your disapproval of SB 95 and thanking your legislators for moving 450 out of committee, the most recent issue of the Kentucky Pharmacist Journal is live and ready for you to peruse. From relatable and timely CE to updates from Dr. Fink's unparalleled Law Briefs, we will happily keep you occupied while you wait on your legislator to pick up their phone.

All joking aside, 2023 is looking to be another transformative year in pharmacy. Whether that change happens on the local level or in DC, behind the bench, at a hospital, or in the classroom, KPhA will be with you every step of the way.



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