The Fall Journal has ARRIVED!

Even though we are taught from an early age that any form of procrastinating is a bad habit, we've all waited until the 11th hour to get started on a project (*raises hand).

Some psychologists reference Yerkes-Dodson Law citing an empirical relationship between pressure and
performance--nervous energy or anxiety can actually improve outcomes. Yet, it's also true that if you wait too long, you'll be overwhelmed by stress leaving you too frantic to work. It's all about the timing in life, right?!
The trick is figuring out when that last minute is most effective. Lucky for our brilliant and procrastinating members, KPhA has outlined the perfect timeline to finish your Continuing Education requirements. The Fall Journal is out, and the latest issue of  The Kentucky Pharmacist contains six hours of CE (the most ever in one Journal). Likewise, you'll find nine hours of additional CE from previous journals also on the KPhA website.

Before December gets too crazy with holiday commitments and celebrations, carve out some time this weekend to get started, or if you are feeling it, knock it all out. It's the perfect excuse to get out of hanging the Christmas lights or raking the leaves. Even more important, you should have "just the right" amount of adrenaline and anxiety to get started and meet the December 31st deadline. 



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