2022 Incentive Grant Program Announces Winners

The Kentucky Pharmacy Education and Research Foundation (KPERF) was honored to award five $1,000 grants this year for projects aimed at patient-centered care by pharmacists and innovative pharmacy practice. KPERF established the grants to provide financial support for research, education, and promotion of innovative pharmacy practice initiatives with a focus on patient-centered services within Kentucky. Applications for 2023-2024 will open in July 2023. 
Congratulations to all our winners listed below!

2022-2023 Incentive Grant Recipients
COVID-19 Test Result Evaluation and Treatment (TREAT): A Pharmacy-Based Pilot Implementation Study

Primary Investigator: Dr. Dustin Miracle
Current Position: UK College of Pharmacy PhD student in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
Co-Investigator(s): Dr. Trish Freeman
Objective: Assess a community-based pharmacy SARS-CoV-2 Test to Treat program both before and after implementing a set of clinical and logistical operational improvement interventions and create a replicable workflow that best meets the needs of both pharmacy stakeholders and patients seeking care
Pilot Site: Poole's Pharmacy Care 
Detecting Hypertension – Pharmacy Detection and Counseling Outcomes
Primary Investigator: Dr. Jesica Mills
Current Position: Pharmacist at Owensboro Family Pharmacy
Co-Investigator(s): Daisy Thomason & Ernest Mills 
Objective: Identify patients who have not previously been diagnosed with hypertension or patients who are medically managed for hypertension with blood pressure readings not at goal to provide education and resources to improve their blood pressure management and overall outcomes. 
Clinic-Based and Community-Based Pharmacy Collaboration to Improve Hypertension Control (CACC-HTN)
Primary Investigator: Dr. MacKenzie Firek
Current Position: PGY-1 UK College of Pharmacy Community-Based Pharmacy Resident with Kroger
Co-Investigator(s): Drs. Brooke Hudspeth, Melody Turpin, Corey Allen, Aric Schadlet, and Clark Kebodeaux
Objective: Determine the impact of a standardized hypertension intervention at the community-based pharmacy (Kroger) to improve control of hypertension at the clinic-based follow-up visit (Bluegrass Community Health Center) and to identify potential adherence barriers to hypertension control. 
Implementation of a Pharmacogenomic Testing Service in an Independent Community Pharmacy and Its Impact on Medication Optimization
Primary Investigator: Dr. Nicholas Hudson
Current Position: Fellow with Save Rite Drugs Independent Ownership and Practice Advancement Fellowship Program at Save Rite Drugs in Brandenburg
Co-Investigator(s): Drs. Adam Robinson, Brooke Hudspeth, Scott King, Jamie Wilkey, & NP Holly-Schultz-Pollock
Objective: The project aims to implement and show the benefits of PGX testing at a community pharmacy. The project will look at a patient's PGX profile and then review medication to ensure optimal therapy. 
Implementation of Pharmacist-Led Patient Education and Preventative Care Screening within a Gastroenterology Specialty Office
Primary Investigator: Dr. Suzi Francis
Current Position: Pharmacist and Manager of Ambulatory Clinical Pharmacy at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood
Co-Investigator(s): Drs. Paige Harrison and Annie Esselman
Objective: Currently, pharmacists working in St. Elizabeth's Inflammatory Bowel Disease Medication Management Clinic are limited to managing oral and SQ medications. This project aims to expand pharmacist-led patient care to patients receiving infusion therapy at a nearby GI office and collect data to demonstrate the pharmacists' impact.

Please direct any questions to Clark Kebodeaux, Chair of the Kentucky Pharmacy Education & Research Foundation (KPERF), at, or Emily Wilkerson, Executive Fellow, at  



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