The 2024 General Assembly Convenes on Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Kentucky lawmakers return to Frankfort on Tuesday, January 2, for the 2024 General Assembly.  Known as a “long session,” lawmakers are charged with passing a two-year state budget in addition to any other legislation they wish to take up.

KPhA Chair Misty Stutz presented the 2024 legislative priorities unanimously approved by KPhA's Government Affairs Committee, followed by confirmation from the House of Delegates in November.

Legislative Priorities from the Government Affairs Committee:

1.      Comprehensive PBM Reform

2.      Immunization up to age 3

3.      Payment Parity in KY Medicaid


Please stay tuned for updates and advocacy alerts. We will send you email alerts on key bills as needed during the session. Then, we will depend on your quick response—our KPhA members from across the state—to contact your lawmakers on the critical pharmacy policy issues as they are introduced. By entering your home address, you can visit the Kentucky General Assembly's website and use the Find Your Legislator tool to determine who represents you. For another look at which state lawmakers represent which counties, you can check out the Legislative Research Commission maps 

It is through YOUR membership that KPhA staff and our devoted Government Affairs Team are able to steward pharmacists' top legislative priorities in our great commonwealth and the nation. For the first time in KPhA's history, our Executive Fellow Taylor Williams will join our Government Affairs Team in 2024 as a registered lobbyist. She will work alongside some of our profession's strongest advocates, Executive Director Ben Mudd and our partners at the Kentucky Retail Federation to influence positive outcomes of legislation and regulations affecting the business and practice of pharmacy. Outside of membership, individual donations (company donations are acceptable, too) keep us well-positioned to take any legislation harmful to our patients and the practice head-on. 2024 is our Time to Thrive!



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