2024 Legislative Priorities

KPhA's legislative priorities are set and ranked each year by our organization’s membership. At our annual Fall Conference, the House of Delegates convenes to discuss the biggest issues facing the profession in the Commonwealth and the policy solutions for which we would like to advocate. The House of Delegates voted to rank three top legislative priorities for the 2024 Regular Session. 


Comprehensive Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Reform 

KPhA will champion statutory changes to better regulate the practices of PBMs and protect pharmacies, pharmacists, and patients in the Commonwealth. SB 188, introduced by Senator Max Wise, includes provisions to prohibit patient steering and restore patient choice in seeking pharmacy care, ensure adequate pharmacy access within PBM networks across Kentucky, and guarantee transparent and fair reimbursements to all pharmacies. 

SB 188 has been referred to the Senate Standing Committee on Banking & Insurance and is awaiting a hearing. KPhA's has developed a list of talking points in support of this legislation for your reference and for use in legislative meetings and other advocacy discussions.

Click here to ask your Senator to support SB 188!


Pharmacist Immunization Authority for Patients Age 5+ 

Current Kentucky law permits pharmacists to immunize patients ages 9+ pursuant to prescriber-authorized protocols. The PREP Act previously granted pharmacists this authority for a broader age range of patients 3+. KPhA will advocate for codifying similar authority to allow our profession to provide care to a larger patient population. Pharmacists have proven that we are sufficiently trained and well-positioned to provide this service to children in our communities. 

HB 274 was filed by Representative Danny Bentley, the only pharmacist legislator currently in the Kentucky General Assembly. Bentley knows the value of a pharmacist and the capacity of the pharmacist to provide the care that our communities need. HB 274, allowing pharmacists to immunize patients down to age 5, passed the House by a vote of 94-0 on Monday, February 5th and is currently awaiting assignment to a committee in the Senate.

KPhA has developed an educational infographic as well as a list of talking points in support of this legislation for your reference and your use in any advocacy conversations that you may have. 


Payment Parity for Pharmacist Services in Kentucky Medicaid 

HB 48 (2021) enacted payment for pharmacist services by commercial payers. This means that when pharmacists provide care like flu and strep tests under Board-authorized protocols, for example, that the patient’s medical benefit can be billed and will reimburse the pharmacist. KPhA supports a matching policy for Kentucky Medicaid to ensure equal access to these services across patient populations.